Thursday, January 26, 2012

Response to Googles New Policy

     In my opinion, Google's new policy on sharing the data that the user have searched to find what exactly they are looking at in order for its adds, I think frankley this is crossing the line. This measure will possible alter the actions of people in their decsiscions to look at certain intrest which in my mind would lead to the user moving to Bing or other search engines causing a decrease in googles business. Currently Google and other sites see what type of things you searching and then will find adds that focus on those intrests, but the new policy would let Google view deep into your history to find pin-point adds sharing similar intrest. Google would also brodden the areas that it would view into your history like your google notes. The new policy is a shocking new example that when using the internet you are never safe and always being watched and you should think twice before you want to look at something.

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