Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TED Talk blog post.

1) In this episode of TED talk, speaker Chris Anderson, addresses the audience on how the invention of posting and using videos on the internet is changing the world drasticly, and evolving the way people develope their personalities. Chris explains how with video the world has expanded the audience to let many people view what you are doing. He also shows how with the increase audience increases the input of other people and peoples ability to inovate new ideas. Also he tells how with video it sheds light on many ideas to help the world in a very quick and simple way.

2) For me the most commen thing I do while on the computer is watch videos. Many reasons I watch videos are ranging from entertainment, to learning how to complete a task or gain insperation. Internet video made it easy for me to accomplish tasks faster. One time I forgot how to tie a tie so I went on Youtube and searched how to tie a tie and had one tied in about one minute.

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