Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TED Talk blog post.

1) In this episode of TED talk, speaker Chris Anderson, addresses the audience on how the invention of posting and using videos on the internet is changing the world drasticly, and evolving the way people develope their personalities. Chris explains how with video the world has expanded the audience to let many people view what you are doing. He also shows how with the increase audience increases the input of other people and peoples ability to inovate new ideas. Also he tells how with video it sheds light on many ideas to help the world in a very quick and simple way.

2) For me the most commen thing I do while on the computer is watch videos. Many reasons I watch videos are ranging from entertainment, to learning how to complete a task or gain insperation. Internet video made it easy for me to accomplish tasks faster. One time I forgot how to tie a tie so I went on Youtube and searched how to tie a tie and had one tied in about one minute.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Response to Googles New Policy

     In my opinion, Google's new policy on sharing the data that the user have searched to find what exactly they are looking at in order for its adds, I think frankley this is crossing the line. This measure will possible alter the actions of people in their decsiscions to look at certain intrest which in my mind would lead to the user moving to Bing or other search engines causing a decrease in googles business. Currently Google and other sites see what type of things you searching and then will find adds that focus on those intrests, but the new policy would let Google view deep into your history to find pin-point adds sharing similar intrest. Google would also brodden the areas that it would view into your history like your google notes. The new policy is a shocking new example that when using the internet you are never safe and always being watched and you should think twice before you want to look at something.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ethics Questions Involving SOPA and PIPA

1) SOPA and PIPA bills sent to congress threaten the digital media users but taking away there personal freedom and not allowing them to access certain information due to the site having a copyright infringement in a completely different section.
2) If these bills passed my behavior on the Internet would be a lot less open. I would definitely make sure that what I am looking at is a safe place where I would not get in trouble. One thing I like to do is watch videos on Youtube and with these bills it would drop my ability to watch videos that would have to be removed due to breaking the new law.
3) In these laws the three areas of digital ethics are all addressed. When it comes to privacy this law disrupts a humans privacy by knowing what they are doing and looking at. It is also an issue of property in that the government can intervene and remove all your information because of something you infringed on while on another website. Appropriate use is also used because the government has to address the constitution in this subject and ask if they are violation the citizens rights and if not then they are not appropriate handling the subject.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Digital Ethics Advocacy

As a student in high school, I am surrounded by fellow students not necessarily following the law or morals that they should hold themselves to. Many students in my school have learned the magical process of copy and paste. When facing scenarios like that, we should definitely enforce strict rules and punishment to being caught plagiarizing another authors writing or comments without appropriate citing of source. Another way I can help as a student within my peers is by showing that it is not okay to just take the work from some one who put forth the effort on it that you didn’t feel like doing. To me it would feel like working at my job all day and then having a co-worker claim that they did all the work. When dealing with digital ethics, people should responsible handle their decision making yet, should have the right tools and knowledge given to them to know right from wrong, and I believe those tools can come directly from their peers.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Argumentative Response to Frontline Digital Nation

In PBS’s show, Frontline they take a closer look into the minds of humans in a digital nation. With talking to many experts the show argues that using many devices at once or multitasking slows down the productivity and allows the person to become distracted and make less satisfactory work. The director even more, goes to say that while using multiple electronic devices the mind is working really fast but it has trouble concentrating on its main task. Experts on the show also say that large amounts of media influence in a human growing up hurts the minds development. The overall belief of the episode Frontline Digital Nation is that technology is a very vital part of our world developing, but when used irresponsibly or excessively it can disrupt and slow down the ability of our minds to think.
In my opinion Frontlines’ Digital Nations statement that the use of multiple tech. devices at once distracts a human from doing one thing good, is true. Mainly because as I have gone through school and with the creation of mp3 players and cell phones the minds of the students would space-out and pay attention to something else other than class. Even if they only lost focus for a split second they would have missed information about the lesson plan. Also I believe the Digital Nation, points out a lot of common sense, in that the human mind will focus on a non boring subject when its board. When kids are learning about a boring subject, technology gives them a personal excuse not to focus on class and instead play Angry Birds. Because “smart people” have figured this out they have brought technology into school in order to teach students in a more efficient way to help them focus and learn quicker than a work book would. I agreed with Frontline Digital Nation’s status that when using multiple technologies at once your all around focus is lost and slows down your ability to produce high quality results.