Monday, January 16, 2012

Digital Ethics Advocacy

As a student in high school, I am surrounded by fellow students not necessarily following the law or morals that they should hold themselves to. Many students in my school have learned the magical process of copy and paste. When facing scenarios like that, we should definitely enforce strict rules and punishment to being caught plagiarizing another authors writing or comments without appropriate citing of source. Another way I can help as a student within my peers is by showing that it is not okay to just take the work from some one who put forth the effort on it that you didn’t feel like doing. To me it would feel like working at my job all day and then having a co-worker claim that they did all the work. When dealing with digital ethics, people should responsible handle their decision making yet, should have the right tools and knowledge given to them to know right from wrong, and I believe those tools can come directly from their peers.

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  1. Glad to hear there's an advocate out there for avoiding the easy way out--and you're right, it is like working all day and then having someone else claim it's their work--not cool.