Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ethics Questions Involving SOPA and PIPA

1) SOPA and PIPA bills sent to congress threaten the digital media users but taking away there personal freedom and not allowing them to access certain information due to the site having a copyright infringement in a completely different section.
2) If these bills passed my behavior on the Internet would be a lot less open. I would definitely make sure that what I am looking at is a safe place where I would not get in trouble. One thing I like to do is watch videos on Youtube and with these bills it would drop my ability to watch videos that would have to be removed due to breaking the new law.
3) In these laws the three areas of digital ethics are all addressed. When it comes to privacy this law disrupts a humans privacy by knowing what they are doing and looking at. It is also an issue of property in that the government can intervene and remove all your information because of something you infringed on while on another website. Appropriate use is also used because the government has to address the constitution in this subject and ask if they are violation the citizens rights and if not then they are not appropriate handling the subject.

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